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Assessment of undergraduate student learning outcomes is an important component of assisting students in making progress towards their degrees and their postgraduate future. Specific student learning outcomes are also a required part of the application for the QEP awards: Enhancement and Program Innovation. These rubrics should prove invaluable when developing the student learning outcomes and assessment methodology for the QEP awards.

The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) began the VALUE Rubric Development Project in 2007-09. The VALUE initiative involved teams of faculty and other educational professionals from over 100 higher education institutions engaged over many months to develop 16 VALUE rubrics for the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. Each rubric was developed from the most frequently identified characteristics or criteria of learning for each of the 16 learning outcomes. Drafts of each rubric were then tested by faculty with their own students’ work on over 100 college campuses.

This link will take you to the AAC&U website where you can learn more about the VALUE rubrics. AAC&U encourages faculty and staff to revise the rubrics as necessary to meet the needs of your discipline, program or course. Below are the available rubrics.

Integrative and Applied Learning

Intellectual and Practical Skills

Personal and Social Responsibility