College of Undergraduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program provides students with a breadth of skills needed to succeed academically and professionally. Students pursuing this course of study gain experience across multiple disciplines and possess the knowledge to synthesize information to create insights, communicate, and problem-solve. UCF’s undergraduate students can major in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A./B.S.) and Environmental Studies (B.A.). Learn more about these dynamic degrees.

Academic Services

Academic Services is a partner in student success. The team is responsible for assisting students who request academic record changes and waiver requests for university level requirements. It also administers the myKnight Audit, ensuring that all undergraduates have accurate information regarding their degree progression. Additionally, it reviews lower-level transfer credit for the satisfaction of General Education Program requirements, Gordon Rule writing courses, and foreign language proficiency. While adhering to state rules and university policies, Academic Services works to support UCF’s growing population of undergraduate students reach their goals to become alumni.

The Division of Teaching and Learning

In partnership with the UCF community, the Division of Teaching and Learning provides students with integrated, intentional educational opportunities that blend classroom knowledge with real-world experiences. Additionally, the division collaborates with faculty members to develop and employ innovative teaching methods. The division is also a faculty resource for professional development. Additionally, it provides faculty with access to data and assessment that enhance student-learning outcomes.


Andrea Krebs Receives UCF’s Founders’ Day Award

Andrea Krebs is from Kent, Ohio, and is one of the growing number of UCF students who have chosen to major in IDS. She chose IDS during her sophomore year because the program allows students the flexibility to create a course of study that aligns with her unique interests and goals. Specifically, Andrea is seeking a Bachelor Science of degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Environmental Studies and is minoring in Studio Art. Read “Founders’ Day Award Winner on Path to Unique Career” in Catalyst magazine to learn how Andrea is customizing her educational experience to prepare for a career as landscape architect specializing in edible landscapes. Learn more about these dynamic degrees. Read more about Andrea in Catalyst.

Andrea Krebs

Alex Tejada Begins Medical School in the Fall

In March, Alex Tejada received a blue envelope in the mail. The letter inside would determine the direction of his life. Tejada was accepted to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Getting to this point required determination and hard work. Tejada graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with Physical Science, Biology, and Life Sciences as his areas of study, and music as a minor. Alex shared that his IDS degree made him a more well-rounded applicant. He also credits Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising with helping him through the complex applications process, including his personal statement. Read “Accepted! IDS Grad Gets Greenlight for Med School” in Catalyst magazine to learn more about Tejada.

Alex Tejada IDS Graduate

Zanita Hendry Achieving Her Career Aspiration

Zanita Hendry just graduated with an IDS degree in which she combined study in Social/Behavioral Sciences, Education, and a minor in Women’s and Gender
Studies. She said that her IDS degree, “Provided the tools I needed to secure a teaching career in special education before I had even graduated.”

She is a non-traditional student who completed her degree online. Hendry shares her journey to graduation in the spring 2017 issue of the Interdisciplinary Studies Newsletter. Read more about her journey in the latest issue of the IDS Newsletter.

Zanita Hendry at graduation

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