College of Undergraduate Studies
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Students with diverse talents and backgrounds have the opportunity to study multiple disciplines They learn to do, to create, to learn, and to succeed.

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Students who major in Interdisciplinary Studies have the opportunity to create a course of study that prepares them to be successful.


The College of Undergraduate Studies collaborates with colleges and units across UCF to create this exceptional educational experience.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies offers several majors, minors, and certificates that incorporate a broader scope of curricula than traditional disciplinary academic programs. Each of our degree programs offers students an opportunity to tailor their curriculum to best reflect their interests and needs.

Academic Services

Academic Services helps students navigate the state of Florida’s and the University of Central Florida’s policies pertaining to academic record changes, curriculum file management, degree audits, and university-wide undergraduate graduation requirements.

Upcoming Events

15 minutes per student. First come, first served.
15 minutes per student. First come, first served.
This workshop will provide an overview of the various factors an applicant should consider when deciding where to apply to law school. This presentation will also be streamed via Instagram LIVE: @ucfphpladvising Presenter: Brittany Cunnien, PHPL Advisor