The SLS 1501 course is a collaboration between the College of Undergraduate Studies and the Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education, part of the College of Community Innovation and Education. It’s open to students from all majors and programs of study.

Applications are now being accepted for Summer B and Fall 2024. If you are interested in teaching in the 2024-25 academic year, fill out the application below. Applications are due by 11:59 PM, March 15, 2024. Review the job description here to learn more about the SLS 1501 course and qualifications. Ensure you review the criterion prior to applying. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to teach, contact Lindsay Archambault.


What is the SLS 1501 First-Year Seminar Course?

  • Strategies for Success (SLS 1501) is a 3-credit hour elective letter grade course designed to assist students in transitioning to the university and collegiate life.
  • The course will help students build a strong academic foundation by developing important academic and study skills.
  • Students will also acquire information towards critical thinking skills and develop knowledge toward career-readiness.
  • Each section of SLS 1501 is assigned an adjunct selected by the SLS 1501 Program.

Two students walking outside

Course Topics

  • Effective Time Management
  • Self-Reflective Techniques
  • Career-Readiness
  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Critical Thinking and Debate
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic Resilience
  • Presentation Strategies
  • Study Strategies & Test Taking

SLS 1501 Learning Outcomes

  • Increase self-efficacy, confidently perform college-level tasks and make effective decisions that will promote retention, persistence, and graduation as a highly-competitive UCF Knight.
  • Develop effective short-term and long-term goals and apply action steps needed to reach your goals.
  • Understand college-level research inclusive of peer-reviewed research, effective presentation skills (written, oral, and multimedia), and writing college-level papers in APA format.
  • Identify the important co-curricular and high-impact practices that correlate to your intended major and/or career-interests to participate in to strengthen your academic pathways.

Three Prong Approach to Promote Student Success

  1. Student Success Strategies: Time Management, Study Skills, Note Taking, Active Reading, Exam Preparation, Critical Thinking.
  2. College Level Writing and Research: Introduction to college level writing (technical writing), research development (peer reviewed research in the library database), and APA writing style (We are introducing students to APA; however, depending on the major there could be other writing styles students may need to learn. Students will learn these in their major specific coursework.
  3. Career Readiness: Self-Reflection upon student’s career interests and identification of co-curricular involvement over the next four years, resume development, elevator pitch.

Section Offerings

Spring 2024