The mission of this group is to support university undergraduate deans in collegial collaborative efforts to engage in the academic success of undergraduate students. This group will share ideas, provide insights, and offer opportunities for collaboration. The dean for the College of Undergraduate Studies will have oversight of this group and serve as intermediary for the university provost. UDG will meet twice per semester (unless otherwise deemed necessary).


Name College/Unit
Theodorea Berry College of Undergraduate Studies
Wayne Bowen College of Undergraduate Studies
Manoj Chopra College of Engineering
Teresa Dorman College of Sciences
Martin Dupuis Burnett Honors College
Alan Fyall Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Delia Garcia College of Arts and Humanities
Patrick Likamwa CREOL (College of Optics & Photonics)
Sean Robb College of Business
Suha Saleh College of Health Professions and Sciences
William Self College of Medicine
Jessica Simmons College of Nursing
Ronnie Zimmerman College of Community Innovation and Education