UCF is introducing a new policy to provide you with guidance to help you stay on track to graduate and begin your career. If you have more than 75 credit hours and are considering changing or adding a major, you need to consult with your advisor to create a plan to get you to the graduation stage.

Have 75 or more credit hours? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Effective Fall 2023
  • Applies to all undergraduate students
  • Seventy-five hours include credit hours earned at UCF, transferred from other institutions, dual enrollment, and AP or other test credits.
  • Must have approval from an advisor in your proposed new or additional major.
  • When you attempt to add or change your major via the myUCF portal, you’ll be informed that your request has been forwarded to the appropriate advisor for approval.

Watch to Learn More About This Policy:

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Beginning in Fall 2023, students who wish to change or add a major after having earned 75 credit hours must receive approval from an advisor in their new major. We recommend that students who have earned 90 credit hours work with their advisor to develop a completion plan for their degree. The university reserves the right to award a degree to any undergraduate student who has completed their respective major degree requirements, even if they intend to continue attending classes at UCF.

The new Timely Academic Toward a Degree Policy applies to all students.

Yes, all hours, including transfer, dual enrollment, and AP or other test credit, count as part of the 75 hours.

No.  If you’ve completed all the requirements for a degree program, UCF can require you to graduate.  However, even in those cases, you have the right to appeal.

Yes. Credit hours earned at UCF, other institutions and dual enrollment apply to the 75 credit hours.

Yes. You must receive approval from the college of the major you wish to add.

When you attempt to change or add a major using the myUCF portal, you will receive a message indicating that you request has been forwarded to college’s advising office for review.

Yes. The policy is available in the Academic Regulations and Procedures section of UCF’s 2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog. The policy is also available to download in PDF format.