The Power of Collaboration

At the College of Undergraduate Studies, the spirit of collaboration and collective impact thrives. We firmly believe that fostering strong connections with the communities we serve is not just a commitment but a responsibility. Through meaningful and sustainable partnerships, we aspire to transcend the boundaries of academia and engage with diverse stakeholders, including local organizations, businesses, government agencies, and residents.

Our dedication to community-driven initiatives, service-learning projects, and research collaborations empowers us to address pressing societal challenges together, creating a transformative educational experience that extends far beyond the confines of our campus. Join us in cultivating a profound sense of shared purpose as we collaboratively forge a brighter future for all.

Our Community Partners

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Partner Volunteer Opportunities

Lion Mentor Opportunity

The OCPS Academic Center of Excellence, a community partnership school, needs you!

The purpose is to:
• improve student performance
• provide additional learning opportunities
• learn social skills
• develop self-confidence & much more!

Register Here To Become a Lion’s Mentor!

Contact Expanded Learning Coordinator Kasiim Barr for more information!
Work Cell: 321-240-0832
Work Ext. 2344

Lion Mentor Opportunity flyer

Past Events

Community Partnership Luncheon Photos | July 13, 2023

Community Partnership Luncheon Videos | July 13, 2023

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General Education Program with Wayne Bowen
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Undergraduate Research with Richard Plate
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Introduction of Dr. Berry
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Curriculum Alignment with Harrison Oonge
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Study Away with Leah Gaines
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Academic Policies with John Sacher
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Degree Programs with Danielle Maya Eadens
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Power of Collaboration with Dr. Berry


Want to Become a Community Partner?

If you would like more information about the College of Undergraduate Studies or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact:

  • Carolina Cabrera-Lopez
    • Email:
    • Phone: 407.823.2373