The journey towards excellence extends beyond classrooms and textbooks. Seize opportunities that enrich your learning experience and connect you with like-minded peers. With these student engagement activities, you can contribute your research to a journal and become a member of an honor society. Join not just for the recognition of your achievements, but for the camaraderie, networking events, professional workshops, and service opportunities it offers. These engagements are integral parts of your college experience, shaping you into a well-rounded scholar and setting the stage for your future success, both academically and professionally.

Inside Out: Interdisciplinary Studies Journal

The Inside Out: Interdisciplinary Studies journal offers all students with an interest in interdisciplinarity a platform to share their work.

Students interested in gaining experience creating resources or helping edit and publish within a journal are encouraged to reach out! Exercise your creativity by creating art, writing articles, or recording videos. Students interested in publishing opportunities or becoming part of the editorial team can email Dr. Sharon Woodill at or contact them through Instagram.

Alpha Iota Sigma Honor Society

Alpha Iota Sigma is an international honor society that encourages a community of interdisciplinarity, provides opportunities to interdisciplinary students, and recognizes the achievements of hard-working academic performers.

Our UCF chapter seeks to connect interdisciplinary students with each other and opportunities to advance themselves. Students within the interdisciplinary major interested in further involvement with Alpha Iota Sigma are welcome to participate in any of the chapter’s activities.

Official membership within Alpha Iota Sigma is open to all interdisciplinary studies majors with a 3.3+ GPA (either UCF or overall). If you have any questions about our organization or are interested in joining, contact Dr. Sharon Woodill at or at their Instagram.