Wayne Bowen

Wayne Bowen, Ph.D.

Associate Dean,
College of Undergraduate Studies

Message from the Associate Dean

UCF is committed to making students’ experience in the General Education Program (GEP) a positive and productive experience. It will enable them to connect learning outcomes between foundational and degree program courses. 

GEP Supports Student Success

Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen, Ph.D., is the GEP Co-Lead for the Problem Solving Foundation. This learning foundation is designed to familiarize students with fundamental problem solving concepts, frameworks, and paradigms that will equip them to logically solve a variety of real world problems. He became involved with UCF’s General Education Program (GEP) because it supports and advances his teaching philosophy.
Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen

Integrative General Education Experience

Five program-level learning outcomes will provide students with a cohesive learning experience that will enable them to plan, connect and reflect as they move through their foundational learning experiences.

Cultural Interactions

Per Danielsson, Ph.D.

Understand common human themes, have an awareness of diverse cultures, and understand the cultural, historical, economic, and social implications of what they learn. READ MORE


Andrea Scott, Ph.D.

Become successful writers, speakers, and producers of digital materials in their academic, civic, and professional worlds. READ MORE

Knowledge Application

Bo Chen, Ph.D.

Understand scientific methods and connect and apply them to challenges facing society. READ MORE

Problem Solving

Rachid Ait Maalem, Ph.D.

Be well-informed citizens who can reason and apply analytical, statistical, and computational methods to the challenges of a globally-diverse and technologically rich environment.  READ MORE

Interpretation and Evaluation

Patricia Farless, Ph.D.

Assess and decipher information in a world full of conflicting sources. READ MORE

Annabelle Conroy

Annabelle Conroy, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow

School of Politics, Security,
and International Affairs (SPSIA)

Amy Darty

Amy Darty, M.A.

Faculty Fellow

Senior Instructor, Online Specialist
Faculty Advisor, Student Accessibility Services
Department of History

Mandy Pacheco

Amanda Pacheco, Ed.D.

GEP Instructional Specialist

Visiting Instructional Specialist
Interdisciplinary Studies