Undergraduate Studies Executive Committee (USEC)


Name Department Phone
Brian Boyd Registrar’s Office 407-823-3357
Charles Reilly III College of Engineering and Computer Science 407-823-5306
David Hagan College of Optics and Photonics 407-823-6817
DeLaine Priest Student Development and Enrollment Services 407-823-2137
Delia Garcia Arts & Humanities Advising 407-823-3312
Dore Carter Graduate Studies 407-823-0062
Elizabeth Dooley Academic Services/Undergraduate Studies 407-823-3312
Ross Wolf College of Education 407-823-0171
Gordon Chavis Undergraduate Admissions 407-823-3004
Keisha Hoerrner Academic Services/Undergraduate Studies 407-823-2691
Lee Anne Kirkpatrick Academic Advising Council and COS 407-823-3810
Lynn Hepner College of Arts and Humanities 407-823-2251
Maureen Covelli College of Nursing 407-823-2329
Lynn Hepner College of Arts and Humanities 407-823-5121
Michael Hampton Interdisciplinary Studies 407-823-0144
Paige Borden Institutional Research 407-823-4765
Ross Wolf College of Health and Public Affairs 407-823-0171
Pam Cavanaugh Regional Campuses 407-823-5949
Pamela Rea Student Disability Services 407-823-2371
Paul Viau Registrar’s Office 407-823-2823
Roseann White Department of Molecular and Microbiology 407-823-2914
Sherry Andrews General Counsel Office 407-823-3119
Jennifer Sumner Regional Campuses 407-823-2211
Taylor Ellis Business Administration 407-823-2187
Teresa Dorman College of Sciences 407-823-5167
Youcheng Wang Rosen College 407-903-8039