Environmental Studies Minor

This 21 credit hour minor prepares students for a diverse set of academic endeavors and careers.  This minor cannot be completed online. 

  • Minor Overview:
  • EVR 3008 – Foundations of Enviromental Studies (3 hours)
  • EVR 3021 The Science of Sustainability (3 hours)
  • Restricted Electives (15 hours)

Leadership Studies Minor

This 19 credit hour minor educates students on specific aspects of leadership. 

  • Minor Overview:
  • LDR 2001 – Foundations of Leadership (2 hours)
  • LDR 2002 – Intermediate Foundations of Leadership (2 hours)
  • 1 course from each of the five areas of communication, collaboration, social relations, politics, and ethics (15 hours)

Diversity Studies Leadership Minor

This 18 credit hour minor prepares students for our increasingly interdependent and multicultural world.

  • Minor Overview:
  • IDS 3333 – Issues in Diversity Studies (3 hours)
  • 5 courses from within one of the concentrations of Language & Culture, Economics, Biological & Geophysical Environment, Social Structure & Change, or Media & Communication (15 hours)
  • Proficiency up to the second semester of college level instruction in a foreign language.

Genomics and Bioinformatics Minor

This 19 credit hour minor trains undergraduates in the fundamental theory, methodologies, and applications of genomics and prepares students for graduate school or careers in industry. This minor cannot be completed online.

  • Minor Overview:
  • BSC2010C – Biology I (4 hours)
  • Restricted electives from course list (15 hours)
  • At least 6 hours used in the minor must be earned at UCF outside of the student’s declared major.
  • Additional information available online

*Note: Requirements for minors can change with each academic catalog year. Students are required to satisfy the requirements of their minor according to their catalog year. To view the requirements for prior years, please view the Undergraduate Catalog page or archive for the correct catalog year requirements.