Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Program Innovation and Enhancement Awards. Faculty and staff from 31 different programs will be working on integrative learning projects that help UCF undergraduate students Plan, Connect, and Reflect.

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2016 QEP Funded Program Innovation Awards


Integrated Business Professional Success Portfolio Competition

Program Innovation Award

Gordon Henry and James Gilkeson, Integrated Business Program

Integrated Business Professional Success Portfolio Competition Abstract


Ready, Set, Learn What You Need for Work! A Developmental Assessment Center

for Psychology Majors

Program Innovation Award

Barbara A. Fritzsche and Karen Mottarella, Department of Psychology

Ready, Set, Learn Abstract


Increasing Integrative Learning Through High-Impact Research Experiences Throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum

Program Innovation Award

Mary L. Tripp, Department of Writing and Rhetoric; Amanda Anthony, Department of Sociology; Martha Garcia, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures; Michael Rovito, Department of Health Professions; Kimberly Schneider, Office of Undergraduate Research; and, Linda Walters, Department of Biology

Increasing Integrative Learning Abstract


Leveraging High-Impact Integrative Learning: The Pathway to Civic Engagement and Community-Based Research in an Honors Program

Program Innovation Award

Vanessa McRae and Denise Crasifi, The Burnett Honors College

Leveraging High-Impact Integrative Learning Abstract


Transforming the Health Sciences Pre-Clinical Curriculum into Career-Focused Tracks

Program Innovation Award

Suha Saleh, Department of Health Professions

Transforming the Health Sciences Abstract


QEP Assessing UCF Students’ Interviewing Skills using Simulation

Program Innovation Award

Janet Andreasen, School of Teaching, Learning & Leadership: Mathematics Education; Farshid Safi, School of Teaching, Learning & Leadership: Mathematics Education; Lisa Dieker, Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences; and, Charles Hughes, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

QEP Assessing UCF Students’ Interview Skills Abstract


I am UCF: Diverse Digital Narratives

Program Innovation Award

Elizabeth Brendel Horn, Department of Theatre; Edwanna Andrews, Social Justice and Advocacy; Natasha Jones, Department of Writing and Rhetoric; Natalie Underberg-Goode, School of Visual Arts and Design; and, Stephanie Wheeler, Department of Writing and Rhetoric

I am UCF Abstract


OEL and SPA Internship Course Merger

Program Innovation Award

Daniel Seigler, School of Public Administration and Ulla Isaac, Office of Experiential Learning

OEL and SPA Internship Course Merger Abstract


Building User Experience (UX) as Core Competency for Information Technology Undergrads

Program Innovation Award

Pamela Wisniewski and Joseph LaViola, Department of Computer Science

Building User Experience (UX) Abstract


Competency-based Learning as a Means of Integrating Curricular and Extracurricular Entrepreneurship Education Opportunities

Program Innovation Award

Cameron Ford, Department of Management and Paul Jarley, College of Business Administration

Competency-based Learning Abstract


Enhanced High-Tech DirectConnect to UCF Pathway

Program Innovation Award

Jennifer Sumner and Pam Cavanaugh, Regional Campuses Administration

Enhanced High-Tech DirectConnect Abstract


Improving Practical Political Science and Civic Engagement

Program Innovation Award

Peter Jacques and Kerstin Hamann, Department of Political Science

Improving Practical Political Science and Civic Engagement Abstract


Sciences Exploration Program

Program Innovation Award

Dena Ford and Teresa Dorman, College of Sciences

Sciences Exploration Program Abstract


2016 QEP Funded Enhancement Awards


First-Generation Students: Career Readiness for College Students

Enhancement Award

Rebekah McCloud, Student Development and Enrollment Services TRiO Center

First-Generation Students Abstract


Databases Impacting Students in their Career, graduate School and Civic Engagement Preparation

Enhancement Award

Barbara Tierney and Corrinne Bishop, UCF Libraries

Databases Impacting Students Abstract


SelectedWorks for Undergraduate Students: Creating Professional and Scholarly Online Identities and Portfolios

Enhancement Award

Lee Dotson, Information Technology & Digital Initiatives and Richard Harrison, Research and Information Services

SelectedWorks Abstract


Community-Based Research Scholars

Enhancement Award

Aubrey Kuperman, and Kimberly Schneider, Office of Undergraduate Research

Community-Based Research Scholars Abstract


Curating Across the Curriculum

Enhancement Award

Barry Mauer, Department of English and John Venecek, Research and Information Services

Curating Across the Curriculum Abstract


What’s Next for English Majors?

Enhancement Award

Kathy Hohenleitner, Pat Angley, Farrah Cato, Christian Beck, Laurie Uttich, and Tony Grajeda, Department of English

What’s Next for English Majors Abstract


Transfer Readiness Track Program

Enhancement Award

Jason Dodge, Department of Transfer and Transition Services and Jennifer Sumner, Regional Campuses Administration

Transfer Readiness Track Program Abstract


Career PREP (Psychology Readiness Enhancement Program)

Enhancement Award

Lynn Hansen, Career Services, Jeff Cassisi, Department of Psychology, and Kimberly Schneider, Office of Undergraduate Research

Career PREP Abstract


Women in STEM: Aim Higher

Enhancement Award

Bill Blank, Career Services and Jonathan Hall, College of Education and Human Performance

Women in STEM Abstract


Pathways to Success in Global Languages and STEM Studies

Enhancement Award

Marie Léticée and Maria T. Redmon, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Pathways to Success Abstract


Tracking Your Path Toward Health Professional School

Enhancement Award

Erin Myszkowski and Stephanie Wilson, Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising

Tracking Your Path Abstract


Interdisciplinary Florida Review Program

Enhancement Award

Lisa Roney, Department of English and Rudy McDaniel, School of Visual Arts and Design

Interdisciplinary Florida Review Program Abstract