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Professionalizing History Majors

Project Director: Daniel S. Murphree, Associate Professor of History

Project Objective: The Project Director, with assistance from other faculty members in the Department of History, will design and implement a new “professionalization” course for History majors. This course will familiarize enrolled students with the skills and expertise History majors should obtain through their undergraduate curriculum and help them better articulate and demonstrate their knowledge in order to best fulfill their civic engagement and career goals.

Click here to see the complete pilot project.

Digital Storytelling as a Classroom Tool for Enhancing Integrative Learning

Project Director: Lisa C. Peterson, Associate Instructor, Graduate Scholar & Internship Coordinator, School of Visual Art and Design/Film

Project Objective: Students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and UCF academic experiences will create personal essay films reflecting on an aspect of their life that is important to them. Participants will develop their ability to reflect and synthesize the theory and practice of storytelling with a visual medium. This skill will serve them as they create what they need to begin their professional life (e.g., creation of e-portfolios, capstones courses, mock interviews, launching materials.

Click here to see the complete pilot project.

Leadership Syllabi to Support Learning Outcomes that Integrate Career Readiness Skills

Project Directors: Shane Juntunen, Interim Director, Office of Student Involvement and Veena Garib, Director of Employer Relations, Career Services

Project Objective: Student leadership positions are intentionally created to enhance the skill development of UCF students. This project will help students connect their leadership positions with career readiness skills to improve employability. The learning objective are focused on the NACE Career Readiness Skills desired by employers.

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