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The University of Central Florida is a public multi-campus, metropolitan research university that stands for opportunity. The university anchors the Central Florida city-state in meeting its economic, cultural, intellectual, environmental and societal needs by providing high-quality, broad-based education and experienced-based learning; pioneering scholarship and impactful research; enriched student development and leadership growth; and highly relevant continuing education and public service initiatives that address pressing local, state, national, and international issues in support of the global community.


UCF has embarked on a bold venture to become a new kind of university that provides leadership and service to the Central Florida city-state. While sustaining bedrock capabilities in the future, the university will purposely pursue new strengths by leveraging innovative partnerships, effective interdisciplinarity, and a culture of sustainability highlighted by a steadfast commitment to inclusiveness, excellence, and opportunity for all.


  1. Goal 1: Offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida.
  2. Goal 2: Achieve international prominence in key programs of graduate study and research.
  3. Goal 3: Provide international focus to our curricula and research programs.
  4. Goal 4: Become more inclusive and diverse.
  5. Goal 5: Be America’s leading partnership university.


UCF will cultivate an engaging attitude of awareness, innovation, courage, and agile responsiveness in its members to promote discovery and address emerging needs within the university and the Central Florida city-state. The entire university community is empowered to identify, seek, develop, and capitalize on opportunities that arise in the future and meet the vision of the university.

Source: Office of the President UCF Mission, Vision, Goals, and Challenge