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The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Planning & Development Committee presents the following concept papers for your review. The committee worked diligently during the spring and summer reviewing proposals from faculty, staff, students, employers of UCF graduates, and alumni. All of the suggested topics had merit and contained ideas and concepts of value to the UCF community; many of the concepts have been included in the six topics that have been developed into concept papers.

As you review the information presented on each topic, remember that these are ideas and possibilities, not the final proposal for any one topic. Consider which topic(s) would be most beneficial to UCF undergraduate students over the next few years. Once you have read the concept papers, please complete the survey linked below. The survey will help to gather information from UCF’s many important constituencies but should not be considered as a referendum on the topics. We value your input and look forward to reading your comments.

Below are the full concept papers, an executive summary, and a brief description of each proposal.

1. Bridging the Gaps to Student Success: Fostering Workforce Readiness

This proposed QEP topic seeks to bridge the gaps across academic content, disciplinary knowledge, and career demands, beginning in introductory courses, to encourage student career planning throughout their UCF experience. Such preparation is designed to positively impact the employability and readiness of UCF’s graduates as well as to meet student, institutional, and employer needs.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

2. Connect, Reflect, Project: Communication for Career Preparation

This proposed QEP topic emphasizes helping students build stronger foundational and specialized communication skills-oral, written, and multimodal-across learning experiences and over time. Outcomes, initiatives, and assessment would focus on communication both as a set of competencies crucial to every discipline and as a means to connect students’ curricular and co-curricular learning with an eye toward adapting this learning to their careers.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

3. Enhanced Student Engagement

This proposed QEP topic would work to provide students with increased and enhanced opportunities for community engagement in order to improve their socialization, communication skills, cultural competencies, and, as a result, their career preparedness. Providing students with such engagement opportunities will help UCF students to become competent and productive citizens who will continue to be engaged and active in their communities long after graduation.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

4. Foundations for Success: Financial Literacy as a Means to Success

This proposed QEP topic would provide the structure for graduating a generation of college students with financial knowledge that goes far beyond their student loans or accumulated debt. It is a comprehensive examination and enhancement of financial competencies for a lifetime.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

5. uC4f: Creativity + Critical thinking + Communication + Collaboration → Future Career

This proposed QEP topic will challenge students to learn content knowledge through research and creative experiences while increasing their ability to solve problems, synthesize information, draw appropriate conclusions, work as a team, and communicate ideas effectively. This QEP will support faculty to leverage content knowledge into transferable and marketable skills.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

6. UCF: (Y)our (E)ssential (S)kills to Career Readiness!

This proposed QEP topic will harness UCF’s power in leadership training, simulation, avatar-based learning, and partnerships to increase the career readiness of our students. This topic will capitalize on UCF’s rich and diverse resources to build career success within the curriculum and in co-curricular community activities.

Concept Paper | Executive Summary

Click here to access the QEP survey.