Academic Services


Academic Services is responsible for administering State of Florida and University of Central Florida academic policies pertaining to academic record changes, curriculum file management, the degree audit program, and university – wide undergraduate graduation requirements. The primary goal of the office is to apply these policies fairly and evenly according to established guidelines, to provide a prompt response to requests from students, faculty, and staff, and to maintain accurate and effective computer records for advisement and graduation certification.

myKnight Audit

As part of UCF’s commitment to provide its students with an exceptional education experience, we’ve created the myKnight Audit, accessible via . It is an academic advising tool that enables undergraduate students to more efficiently plan their academic career, select the right courses, and track their progress toward degree completion.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Getting credits earned at another institution applied to your UCF degree program can be a confusing process. However, there are steps you can take to make the process flow as smoothly as possible. Some credits will be transferred automatically, while others may require some extra effort. Courses are evaluated on the basis of equivalency with the content of the courses required by the university. Visit here to find out more information on transfer credit evaluation.

Summer Waiver

The undergraduate degree requirements in the current undergraduate catalog require students entering the State University System with fewer than 60 credit hours to enroll in a minimum of nine hours at a State of Florida university. This requirement may be waived in cases of unusual hardship.

This waiver is intended for students who have hardships that prevent them from completing the summer hours requirement. You may only file for this waiver if you have no more available summer terms before graduation.

Administrative Record Change

The purpose of an administrative record change is to assist students whose academic performance is seriously hindered by circumstances beyond their control. Students should consider a petition for an administrative record change as their last option. It is imperative that the student speak to their instructors before pursuing any administrative avenues.  It may be possible for the student and the instructor to work out an alternate solution together.