2020 Summer Faculty Development Conference – QEP Track

Theme: Creating High-Impact Curricular Experiences

Dates: May 4–7, 2020

Contact: Brooks Pingston at QEP@ucf.edu

The mission of UCF’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), What’s Next: Integrative Learning for Professional and Civic Preparation, is to prepare our graduates to successfully enter and participate in the next steps of their professional and civic lives through integrative learning. One of the foundations of integrative learning is high-impact practices (HIPs), and one of UCF’s strategic goals is to ensure that 100% of our undergraduates participate in high-impact learning experiences. To this end, the Office of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) invites proposals from individuals or teams who seek to develop high-impact curricular experiences. These could include study abroad, internship courses, or any course that incorporates a substantial high-impact component; however, preference will be given to proposals to develop courses that will be eligible to receive one of the three high-impact course designations: service-learning (SL), research-intensive (RI), or integrative-learning experience (IE). For more information about the HIP designations, go here.

Participants may work as individuals, in department teams, or in interdisciplinary teams. If you are working in a team, each member must submit a separate application to participate in the Summer Faculty Development Conference. You will also be asked to list the names of the other participants on your team and for the title of the project.

An $800 grant will be awarded to participants who attend all required sessions of the conference track and submit their deliverable.

To apply to participate in the QEP Track at the Summer Faculty Development Conference, download the application form and submit to the Office of the QEP (via email to QEP@ucf.edu) by no later than March 2, 2020. Responses will be given no later than March 13, 2020.

To access the application form, go here.