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What is the Pegasus Path, and why should I use it?

Pegasus Path is a new interactive degree planning tool that will help you get from orientation to graduation. The tool will show you a semester-by-semester sequence of required courses based on your degree program, as well as academic milestones, essential academic experiences and suggested co-curricular activities.  

The Pegasus Path is an interactive degree planning tool for UCF’s undergraduates. It uses information from your myKnight Audit, the undergraduate course catalog and input from your advisors to create a recommended academic plan based on your major. You can then customize that plan to fit your schedule and preferences, building a personalized roadmap to graduation. 

The Pegasus Path will alert you to scheduling conflicts in your proposed plan, or if you’re taking on an especially challenging course combination. It will also remind you of important milestones, like the deadline for applying for graduation. 

It also recommends learning experiences, like internships and study abroad related to your course of study. So, using Pegasus Path will not only help you graduate on time but make you more marketable to potential employers and a more competitive graduate school applicant.  

In addition to helping you stay on track for graduation, you can use Pegasus Path to get a snapshot of your progress. Its reports and audits show you the courses you’ve completed and classes that are still required for the completion of your degree. If you’re thinking about changing your major or adding a minor, a “What-If?” report will show you what courses you’d need to pick up and how the change would affect your graduation timeline. 

Finally, Pegasus Path serves as a portal for your advisor to communicate with you.