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Add classes to my plan

When looking at your plan, you might see “Not Selected” listed in red under the selection column. This means that you can choose a class that you plan on taking to fulfill this part of your degree program.  

1. To add a course, click on the select option located to the right of the Selection column. For this example, we’ll choose to add a course that fulfills a General Education Program (GEP) requirement.  

2. On the following page, you can choose a class to add to your plan. Selecting from the list of filters on the left will narrow down your search. We’ll add the Communication Found 3 – A3 and State Core Cult/Historical filters.  

3. You’ll see the list of courses change. Once you find a course you want to take, click on the green select button. We chose PHI 2010, Introduction to Philosophy.  

You’ll be taken back to the dashboard. Scroll down to the semester you selected the course for, and you’ll see that it’s been added to your plan.