Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee (UPCC)

The UPCC consists of the chair of the Undergraduate Council as the committee chair and fifteen faculty members, with at least one representative from each of the academic units. Faculty membership shall proportionally represent the number of faculty of the colleges, and an effort shall be made to include members of the college curricular committees. The ex officio members include the vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies (or designee) and the assistant or associate dean (or designee) whose responsibilities include undergraduate curricular issues from each of the colleges. Terms of service are two years, staggered.

The UPCC duties are to study, review, and provide recommendations on undergraduate policies, instruction, and standards; to study, review, and provide recommendations on university-wide undergraduate degree requirements including the General Education Program (GEP), foreign language requirements or proficiency, admission standards, instruction, and baccalaureate academic honors; to review recommendations from the Undergraduate Common Program Oversight Committee and transmit the recommendations to the Faculty Senate for approval; to review and make recommendations on all proposals for planning or implementation of new undergraduate degree programs, minors, and elimination of existing programs, which, in turn, are submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs prior to submission to the Board of Trustees for final approval; to review the university program review reports and make recommendations on any policy or curriculum changes which might appear warranted based on the program reviews; and to transmit its recommendations to the vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies, who submits his/her recommendations to the provost.  The committee may also make recommendations to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Detailed duties and responsibilities and membership of the Committee can be found in the Faculty Constitution.

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