Textbook Adoption

Spring 2021 Deadline: October 30, 2020

Online Textbook Ordering

  • Follow your department’s textbook and instructional materials process.
  • Report textbook and instructional materials adoptions even if they are not required.
  • Visit the Barnes & Noble website to learn how this tool can provide you with information about textbook selection and adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the State of Florida’s  2016 Legislative Session, House Bill 7019 was passed, amending Section 1004.085.  It requires universities to posts lists of required and recommended textbooks and instructional materials for at least 95 percent of all course sections at least 45 days before the start of classes for each term. Read Florida Board of Governors’ Regulation 8.003 Textbook Adoption for additional information.

Providing students with access to required and recommended textbooks and course materials allows students  to explore purchasing options, budget wisely and more importantly begin interacting with course materials before the start of class. It also helps decrease overall education costs, which makes a college education more affordable.

Accordion Content

A request for an exception to the deadline must be submitted on a Request for Exception to Established Textbook Ordering Deadline form and include extremely strong justification for an exception. This form must be approved by the department chair or director and the college dean prior to submitting it to the provost for final approval.

Select the required and recommended materials for the courses you’ll teach and report your adoptions following your departments textbook adoption process.

To make certain that course materials are available before the start of classes, please:

  • avoid changes to textbook orders after adoption.
  • order custom books and bundles several weeks before the adoption deadline.
  • select books for adjuncts who will be hired late.
  • include contact information on order forms.


Coursepacks can include book chapters, journal articles, illustrations, notes and reading materials  used to supplement or supplant traditional textbooks. Instructors of record must supply one copy of all coursepacks to the UCF Bookstore or Computer Store, as appropriate, four to eight weeks before the start of classes. The UCF Bookstore or Computer Store will reproduce the materials and make them available to  students. See UCF Policy 4-405.1 Coursepacks. The Coursepacks adoption timeline coincides with textbook adoption guidelines.

A resource from UCF’s bookstore, Barnes & Noble’s,  that makes it easier for you to research and share insights about textbooks and instructional materials, as well as submit your course materials. To learn more, visit the FacultyEnlight web page.

Who to contact with questions?

UCF Textbook Adoption Policy: Amber Mullens (Amber.Mullens@ucf.edu) FacultyEnlight: Katrina Schenk, Textbook Manager, UCF Bookstore at 407.823.0510