About Us

The College of Undergraduate Studies provides students with a robust and individualized course of study through its Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. This program provides students with a breadth of skills needed to succeed academically and professionally. Students pursuing this course of study gain experience across multiple disciplines and possess the knowledge to synthesize information to create insights, communicate, and problem-solve. UCF’s undergraduate students can major in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A./B.S.) and Environmental Studies (B.A.). Learn more about these dynamic degrees.

Our Academic Services team plays a central role in student success. The team is responsible for assisting students who request academic record changes and waiver requests for university level requirements. It also administers the myKnight Audit, ensuring that all undergraduates have accurate information regarding their degree progression. Additionally, it reviews lower-level transfer credit for the satisfaction ofGeneral Education Program requirements, Gordon Rule writing courses, and foreign language proficiency. While adhering to state rules and university policies, Academic Services works to support UCF’s growing population of undergraduate students reach their goals to become alumni.