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Textbook Adoption

Summer 2017 Textbook Ordering Deadlines:


Fall 2017 Textbook Ordering Deadlines:


Textbook Adoption:

Pursuant to the Florida Board of Governors’ Regulation 8.003 Textbook Adoption, textbook orders must be completed and posted at least 45 days prior to the first day of classes for each term. A request for an exception to the deadline must be submitted on a Request for Exception to Established Textbook Ordering Deadline form (see below) and include extremely strong justification for an exception. This form must be approved by the department chair or director, and the college dean prior to submitting it to the provost for final approval.



Coursepacks are book chapters,journal articles, illustrations, notes, readingmaterials, etc., used to supplement or supplant traditional textbooks. Instructors of record must supply one copy of all coursepacks to the UCF Bookstore or Computer Store, as appropriate, four to eight weeks before the start of classes. The UCF Bookstore or Computer Store will reproduce the materials and make them available for any student desiring them. See *UCF Policy 4-405.1 Coursepacks.

*The adoption timeline in the coursepacks policy is being revised to coincide with current deadlines.


Online Textbook Ordering:

Online textbook ordering allows you to:


How to order textbooks online:


Prevent Textbook Order Delays:

There are a number of recurring issues that impede completion of textbook orders and the mandated posting of textbook requirements on the UCF Bookstore Web site. Things you can do to increase chances that textbooks will be ordered, posted, and available for students by the appropriate deadlines include: