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Common Program Oversight Committee (CPOC)

Duties and Responsibilities

The Common Undergraduate Program Requirements Oversight Committee (formerly known as the General Education Oversight Committee) is a reporting committee of the Faculty Senate which provides oversight of courses and alternative plans to fulfill the General Education Program, diversity and technology requirements, as well as other program requirements common to all undergraduate students.

The committee shall consist of at least one faculty member from each of the colleges with undergraduate programs and one professional librarian (selected by the Committee on Committees in consultation with the college deans and the vice provost and dean of Undergraduate Studies). Membership shall reflect the proportion of general education credit between the colleges. If possible, members of the general faculty responsible for general education courses shall serve on the committee. The vice provost and dean of Undergraduate Studies (or designee) shall chair the committee and will identify other ex officio members, making every effort to ensure that areas relating to Undergraduate Common Program Oversight are represented. Terms of service shall be two years, staggered.

Specifics regarding duties and responsibilities of the Committee are detailed on pages 27-28 of the UCF Faculty Constitution.


  • Questions/Contact Information
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dooley, MH 218, 407-823-2373
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dooley, MH 218, 407-823-2373
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dooley, MH 218, 407-823-2373
  • Dr. Keisha Hoerrner, MH 210, 407-823-2691

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